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Where Elegance Meets Education

Girl Coloring


Rainbow Kids welcomes the youngest learners to the world of structured play and gentle learning. In our playgroup setting, each day is an amalgamation of warmth, wonder, and safe discoveries, fostering the initial bond between education and curiosity.



The nursery years are pivotal as toddlers delve deeper into self-awareness and exploration. At Rainbow Kids, our curriculum seamlessly blends foundational learning with creativity, nurturing the blossoming independence in each child.

Art Class

Junior KG

Transitioning from the basics, our Junior KG program elevates the learning experience. Here, we intertwine a more defined curriculum with imaginative play, ensuring a holistic development that caters to both cognitive growth and emotional well-being.

Senior KG

At the threshold of formal schooling, our Senior KG lays the final bricks of foundational education. Rainbow Kids ensures that by this stage, children are well-equipped with the skills, knowledge, and values needed to transition smoothly into primary education.

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